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Business Plan

Mehrbod Avizhe Caspian (MAC)

Mehrbod Avizhe Caspian (MAC) was founded on March, 2020.  Promoting the environmental health using the renewable energy resources is defined as the main slogan of MAC. MAC mission is to design and produce the renewable power producer/consumer instruments, employing the expertise of MAC researchers.

MAC main activity is focused on using solar, wind and hydraulic energies, and achieving the knowledge of employing other green energy resources is defined as the long-term goal of MAC. It would be our pride to be in a direct contact with the universities and researchers, achieving our goals.


MAC is always welcoming novel ideas and proposals. We believe that developing knock-ideas causes huge revolutions.


MAC main mission is focused on the research base activities. We are always supporting research proposals cooperating with universities.

Friendly work environment

MAC believes that friendly work environment improves the efficiency. So, we are always trying to enhance the quality of our work environment.

Our Products

Wind Energy

Solar Energy

Hydraulic Energy


The scope of cooperation

International cooperation

National Cooperation

Company Statistics

Completed Projects
Ongoing Projects
Upcoming Projects

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